Using Bluetooth Headphones in Disc Jockeying

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Disc jockeys use headphones similar to those used in recording studios. These headphones are known as monitor headphones. But with Bluetooth headphones, disc jockeying becomes more dynamic and enjoyable because of the freedom of movement that such wireless headphones can give.

As a disk jockey, you are often situated in overly loud places with lots and lots of people. You are tasked to provide good sounds, so you also need Bluetooth headphones that will provide you with excellent sound quality.

The monitor headphones allow the disc jockey to listen to the tracks he or she plays as if there were no noisy crowd. It allows the DJ to monitor properly the songs that are playing. A disc jockey should be able to multitask. While monitoring the sounds, the DJ also checks some controls on his audio mixer, broadcast some announcements on the microphone, and, of course, groove to the beat! So, the DJ’s Bluetooth headsets should have easy-access features as well. Controls should be within reach and easy to handle if ever his or her hands are full at one time.

Another useful feature is the ability of the ear pads to flip over or reverse so that the disc jockey can hear the noise on the other side of the wireless earphone.

As a DJ, you might want to move as freely as possibly. Your headphones should not hinder you from moving to places or even within your spot. Wireless headphones are suitable for this purpose. Their cable-free feature will also be less-distracting to the eyes.

Since the Bluetooth headsets would be staying on the ears until the DJ-ing job is done, they should be comfortable. A disc jockey’s ear is her or his asset. So, the ears should not be harmed–externally and internally–through the use of the earphones.

For a disc jockey, looking good and cool is part of the job. As such, a cool-looking headphone can add up to the look. The aesthetics or design of the headphone should be looked into properly. But, of course, the quality of the Bluetooth headphones should not be compromised over the design.