What to Expect From Your Wedding DJ

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Hiring a wedding disk jockey is an important part of any wedding. You may not have a lot of experience hiring or working with a “DJ”. If you’ve attended a wedding recently where a wedding disk jockey did a great job you may not remember why it was great. Usually we only remember when the DJ screws up.

You should talk with / interview several before you hire anyone. Just because a DJ did a good job for a friend or someone you know doesn’t mean they are what you’re looking for for your wedding.

During this interview process you should have predetermined what you would like to have happen during your wedding and reception and how you want them to interact. But before you tell the DJ what you want or expect let them explain what they will do for you.

Most wedding disk jockeys will follow a pretty set pattern. They introduce the bride and groom. They will introduce and start the dance numbers including the bride and groom dance, the father’s and mother’s dance, the grandparents dance…those kinds of things.

But if that’s all they talk about and tell you they do then be careful.

You want much more than a wedding disk jockey, you want an “Entertainment Director”. You want someone who will actively keep things moving, someone with a personality, some one who really knows how to get a crowd of people involved and having a good time.

Anyone can sit behind a stack of speakers and equipment and “spin records”, play tunes. Big deal you can do that on your iPod. You can rent speakers and a microphone and have your brother-in-law say “Hi” to the guest and start the songs playing.

You actually want a wedding DJ…an Entertainment Director who will help guarantee that everyone at your wedding and reception will have a great time. An even they’ll remember as special because it featured you and your spouse but was fun for all.